Balter, Guth, Aloni & Co. (BGA) is one of the largest law firms in Israel.BGA is comprised of 90 attorneys, including 20 partners with branches in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa,  Tiberias and New York.
BGA specializes in most areas of civil law, providing its clients with personal and comprehensive services through departments specializing in the various fields of law. The firm is involved in many international matters, and is affiliated with dozens of law firms abroad, cooperating with some of the world’s largest firms.

Our Approach: Each client is assigned a partner, who is responsible for all the client’s matters. That partner coordinates the handling of the client’s matters with BGA’s experts in the respective fields relevant to the client and to the legal issues at hand, so that all aspects of the matter handled are properly dealt with, while, at the same time, the client has one point of contact.

BGA’s size and diversity is such that it can immediate enlist an adequate number of attorneys to handle urgent matters, such as restraining orders, petitions to the High Court of Justice, and business transactions that must be completed within a short time.

We place great significance on cooperation with the client, and believe that such cooperation significantly influences the legal and commercial results, and therefore attempt to involve the client in all phases of the matters handled.

Departments: The firm is divided into professional departments, each containing the best experts in their field. The departments are: Commercial Law, Litigation, Planning & Zoning, Real Estate, Taxes, Insurance and Torts, Intellectual Property, Labor Law, Antitrust, Securities Law and Hi-Tech, Cooperative Societies, Water and Agriculture, International Commerce, Local Authorities and Religious Orders, Environmental and Energy Law, Arbitration, Bankruptcy and Receivership, Trusts and Estates.

Clients: BGA represents large and mid-sized commercial clients in Israel and abroad, including Fortune 500 corporations, in all civil and commercial matters. Thus, we accompanied international concerns wishing to commence business operations in Israel in the infrastructure, bio-tech and hi-tech sectors, commencing with incorporation and obtaining the required Israeli licenses and permits, both for the entity and for its employees, finding appropriate office space, drafting and negotiating all contracts, and through tax planning specific for the nature of the Israeli activities within the client’s international framework. BGA represents collective settlements (kibbutzim) and cooperative settlements (moshavim) in economic and cooperative matters, reorganizations and real estate as well as representing many private clients in all aspects of civil law.

BGA handles privatization initiatives in Israel and Eastern Europe, in the fields of service, industry and infrastructure. BGA recently completed the privatization of one of the largest industries in Eastern Europe.

The attorneys of the office’’s litigation department appear in many of the largest cases in Israel, primarily in the areas of commerce, company law, class actions (both claimants and respondents), water and agricultural matters.

International Activities: BGA is engaged in international activities in the U.S., Canada, Western and Eastern Europe Japan and China. The firm is affiliated with some of the leading law firms in the world. BGA is a member of Consulegis, an international association of lawyers with more than 150 member offices in most countries of the world.


Languages: Hebrew, English, French, Arabic, German, Romanian, Russian, Yiddish and Armenian.

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Ares of Expertise

Administrative Law
Agricultural and Water Law
Bankruptcy and Insolvency Law
Civil Litigation
Civil Procedures
Commercial Litigation
Class Actions
Collective settlements
Commercial and business law
Commercial Law
Contract Law
Cooperative Societies
Corporate Law
Corporate Finance
Creditors Rights
Criminal Law - White Collar
Energy Law
Environmental Law
Estates and Trust
Health Care Compliance
Hi-Tech Companies
Insurance and Torts
Local Taxation Law
International  Taxation
International Trade and Transactions
Internet and E-Commerce
Intellectual property
Investment and trust
Labor Law
Mergers and Acquisitions
Mergers and Spin-offs
Notary Services
Non-Profit Organizations
Oil and Gas
Planning and Zoning
Private International law
Privatization and Organizational Changes
Public Contract Law
Real Estate
Real Estate Taxation, Building, Planning and Zoning
Religious Orders
Solutions For Business in Distress
Property Tax
Taxation Law
Tourism and Development
Zoning, Planning and Building Law