Banking and finance

The firm’s Banking and Business Finance Practice group covers virtually all aspects of commercial lending. From the traditional commercial bank loan, to the latest form of securities, the firm offers “state of the art” experience and advice.

The firm understands the importance of providing high quality work product on a timely and efficient basis to its borrowing and lending clients, and strives through its lawyers and enhanced technology to meet those demands.

Many lawyers in the group also have significant experience in representing the firm’s major public and private company clients in the establishment of their borrowing and lending arrangements. As such, our lawyers maintain a good sense of “the market,” both domestically and internationally, which proves extremely helpful in the course of representing our client lenders and borrowers.


Areas of Expertise

Administrative Law
Agricultural and Water Law
Bankruptcy and Insolvency Law
Civil Litigation
Civil Procedures
Commercial Litigation
Class Actions
Collective settlements
Commercial and business law
Commercial Law
Contract Law
Cooperative Societies
Corporate Law
Corporate Finance
Creditors Rights
Criminal Law - White Collar
Energy Law
Environmental Law
Estates and Trust
Health Care Compliance
Hi-Tech Companies
Insurance and Torts
Local Taxation Law
International  Taxation
International Trade and Transactions
Internet and E-Commerce
Intellectual property
Investment and trust
Labor Law
Mergers and Acquisitions
Mergers and Spin-offs
Notary Services
Non-Profit Organizations
Oil and Gas
Planning and Zoning
Private International law
Privatization and Organizational Changes
Public Contract Law
Real Estate
Real Estate Taxation, Building, Planning and Zoning
Religious Orders
Solutions For Business in Distress
Property Tax
Taxation Law
Tourism and Development
Zoning, Planning and Building Law