Labor law

The department deals with both individual and collective bargaining matters, offering counsel to clients on labor relations and labor law and representing them in labor court. Clients include multinational Firms, as well as Israeli enterprises needing counseling on matters of employee rights in mergers, acquisitions and liquidations, limitations on freedom of employment, the protection of commercial secrets, drafting employment agreements, on-going labor law advice, and representation in labor law litigation.

The department also represents workers, assists them in their participation in tenders for public office, and in negotiating employment agreements for senior executives.

BGA has represented employers and employees in litigation arising out of the misappropriation of commercial secrets and breach of non-competition agreements. In the field of collective bargaining agreements, the office represents employers, groups of workers, and workers’ committees, and is engaged in negotiating and drafting collective bargaining agreements, and in rendering legal assistance arising therefrom.


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