Planning and zoning

The office is heavily involved in planning and construction law matters, and serves as legal counsel to planning and construction councils.

Such representation includes not just handling the ongoing, day-to-day legal issues, but stretches to appeals, condemnations, and dealings with other administrative bodies, such as the Israel Land Administration. Some of the firm’s attorneys have been appointed to represent the Attorney General in enforcing the Planning and Construction Law.

BGA is involved in condemnation proceedings, including claims resulting therefrom, arising out of various statutes. The Planning and Zoning Department handles the foregoing matters on behalf of developers, contractors and individuals who deal in real estate. The services rendered include filing applications, submitting objections, legal assistance with zoning plans developed by private parties, as well as representation before the various planning bodies and administrative courts holding hearings on these matters. In addition, the office represents various types of planning bodies, such as municipalities and local planning and construction committees. Office representatives regularly attend meetings of the planning committees dealing with new plans, applications and objections.


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