Water and agriculture

The department is active in agriculture and water use, especially for cooperative organizations, including dozens of Kibbutzim and Moshavim, regional enterprises, councils and community settlements.

The representation covers the whole gambit of activities touching upon transactions in this field, including real estate transactions, expansion of settlement boundaries, promotion of investor contacts, promotion and carrying out of various agricultural lands projects, and zoning changes from agricultural land use to that of residential, commercial, industrial and tourist usage.
In some of the projects, the zoning change is accompanied by a collection of agreements, the establishment of cooperative societies and other legal entities, preparation of their charter documents, tax planning and contractual documents with various governmental bodies, including, primarily, the Israel Lands Administration. The department counsels its clients in the fields of planning and construction and taxation related to planning and carrying out the various transactions in which the clients are involved. The department’s attorneys specialize in laws relating to cooperative societies, and appear regularly at arbitrations pursuant thereto and in procedures before the Registrar of Cooperative Societies. In addition, our firm is engaged in representing many Kibbutzim and Moshavim in all their activities, through involvement with the activities of the societies and their organizations; handling the relationship between the organization and its members, and legal coverage for the secretaries of the Kibbutzim and Moshavim, arranging the relations between the cooperative society and the local committee; and preparing appropriate organizational documents for groups and committees.

The department specializes in reorganizations, mergers and acquisitions and the privatization of various cooperative societies and organizational structural changes, asset attributions and capital arrangements, while preserving the rights of the society’s members, and counsels its clients on all aspects related to managing the society’s businesses, including assisting many Kibbutzim in handling pensions and members’ assets.
The department’s attorneys also specialize in laws relating to water use and have been involved in various aspects of this subject for many years, including representing water societies in litigation against the State of Israel, as well as representing agricultural water consumers¬†inter alia regarding their rights in Mekorot (the Israeli water company) and against the State of Israel. In this field, the department is engaged in litigation involving hundreds of millions of Israeli Shekels. The department represents and supports the planning and promotion of various projects in the fields of water, sewage and waste disposal, such as the establishment of a regional water authority to deal with maximizing water sources in that region, and facilities to pump and desalinize water, purify water, and return purified water to agricultural use. The department is also engaged in establishing enterprises for the operation of water purification facilities in various locations throughout Israel, enterprises for the establishment and operation of waste disposal plants, water desalination plantsand the like. The department’s activities in the foregoing field is based on an intimate knowledge of the water system in Israel, an understanding of the procedures that developed throughout the years, and identification of the objectives of water economics in Israel, in particular, and throughout the world, in general, as it relates to the environment, the use of limited resources, and especially water, while considering standards set nationally and by international treaties in these fields.


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