Contributing to the Community

The firm considers community service an important and professional, civil and moral value which is an integral part with the firm. .

We thought that our most effective contribution to the community is making use of our professional knowledge, and we do so in two areas - education and in the legal aid field.

In education our attorneys volunteer weekly at the school "Chabad Garden City" of Jerusalem, as well as at the school "Roots" in Tel Aviv, as part of a project of the Organization "Another Lesson".

Every week a lawyer or specialized clerk comes to the school and gives a lesson regarding law, students in the fifth grade in the school "Roots" and in the school "Chabad Garden City." By the lessons we try to introduce students to the world of law, providing basic knowledge in legal matters of principle, and make them interested in the issue.

Apart from the weekly classes, towards the end of the school year we hold the following three activities:

  • Visit of the students, accompanied by representatives from our office at the Magistrates Court, including the presence of debates and discussion with the judge.
  • The students' visit our offices in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem, and gain a view of the work of attorneys in their office.
  • Preparation of a mock trial with the participation of students in presence of their parents.

All attorneys who take part in the educational activities that benefit and they feel it contributes as much to students.

In addition, we represent clients without compensation referred to us from various organizations.