Class Action Department

Class Action Department

The Class Actions Department of Balter, Guth, Aloni & Co. offers its customers a rich and unique experience, with an excellent reputation acquired over many years. Our clients receive thorough, comprehensive and intensive treatment on behalf of Israel's leading law firm, which is behind most significant achievements in representing Israeli and international corporations in class actions.

The Department's Managers

The treatment of class actions is entrusted to the firm's partners, who are among the most prominent lawyers in Israel: Attorneys Moshe Balter, Ehud Guth, Hanan Doron, Limor Sobol, Dr. Eran Taussig and Raanan Bar-Zohar. The head of the department, Dr. Eran Taussig, a litigation partner, has a doctorate in law, specializing in class actions on behalf of the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Taussig is an internationally renowned expert invited regularly to lecture on the subject, inter alia, to judges, and has published articles dealing with class actions on Israel and the United States. Over the years, he has served as deputy Chairman of the Class Actions Committee of the Bar Association, and a member of the legislative committee on the subject and took part in the enactment of the Class Actions Law in 2006. At his side is Advocate Raanan Bar-Zohar, a litigation partner at the Tel Aviv office with many years of working in the areas of class actions, commercial law, corporate law, contract law, tort law, real estate law, general civil law, and with numerous appearances before the court.

Customer Department

Among our clients are Israeli corporations and major international and leading in diverse markets in Israel and abroad, including insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, consumer goods, airlines and more. Over the years we successfully represented a wide range of areas, including consumer policy, environment, pharmaceutical liability, product liability, insurance, labor, banking, antitrust and securities. Our customers benefit from energetic, reliable and dedicated representation with the process of class actions on various stages, and comprehensive professional envelope based on a multi-departmental activities, rich experience and unique know-how we have acquired over the years.