Commercial Department

The Commercial department in our firm has represented and advised clients for many years in various areas of commercial law, including tax law. The rich and unique knowledge we have gained, as well as collaborative multi-departmental ensure our customers receive ongoing and continuous response for all legal needs under one roof. Guidance given by top lawyers in Israel, responsible for identifying and building effective solutions precisely tailored to the dimensions and requirements of the client. Our clients also include large commercial entities.

The management and staff of the department

The activities of the Commercial Department are headed by Advocate (CPA) Avi Gera, who also heads the Tax Department office. Gera is a senior partner at Balter, Guth, Aloni & Co., and has more than 25 years experience in law practice and accounting. Amongst other things, he was a member of the Budget Control Authority Football Association, and a member of the faculty of the Hebrew University Faculty of Economics and Accounting. In addition, he served as an economic advisor in the Ministry of Somekh Chaikin & Co. and Prof. Yitzhak Swary, and as a partner in the law firm Rosenzweig, Shafran, Gera and Company. Under his management, working in the Department are experienced lawyers who are well-acquainted with all aspects of commercial law and taxation, providing customers a fast and comprehensive response at the highest standards in Israel.

The Department's activities

The firm advises and represents clients in all types of commercial transactions, including investment agreements, distribution agreements, supply agreements, partnerships, joint ventures, financing and more. In doing so, the firm represents corporations and organizations in a variety of transactions including capital raising, mergers, spin-offs, acquisitions, sales and assignments corporations (M & A), as well as privatization in Israel and Eastern Europe. Our customers are all fundamental legal guidance and intensive spectrum of areas of commercial law, including corporate law, insurance law, contract law, tax planning, antitrust, currency supervision, privatization, labor law and securities law.

In her work the department is involved in the planning, implementation, and maintenance of capital raising and other transactions, from the planning stage of the transaction, including providing advice on the transaction structure and implementation of tax planning, support negotiations, due diligence, to drafting the documents necessary for the completion of the transaction.

Clients of Commercial Department

Our customers include private and public companies, including conglomerates, local authorities, commercial and industrial, real estate, tourism, banking, pension funds, high-tech and Internet services. In addition, the firm handles a wide range of foreign clients operating in Israel, including multinational corporations huge Like Johnson & Johnson, aircraft manufacturer Gulfstream and advertising group Publicis, and responds to ongoing and continuous full range of legal needs. This, together with advice and representation to a long list of companies and Israeli corporations in their operations abroad.

  • The department is an external adviser to Israel in a variety of issues involved in the privatization of state companies, and a consultant to municipal authorities and municipal associations in carrying out the privatization of water and sewage systems.
  • We represent a variety of clients engaged in high-tech and the Internet, including start-ups, companies and old-established, and greenhouses. In addition, our firm represents institutional investors and research institutions in contracts with commercial companies in Israel and abroad, the implementation of innovative technologies to products.
  • The department was recently involved in a transaction in which the firm represented one of the major concerns in the country in acquiring an insurance company, also representing one of the largest companies in the acquisition of high-tech, transaction size of $ 450 million.

Department reorganized the conglomerate's legal structure containing dozens of companies