Department of Labor and Employment

Balter, Guth, Aloni & Co.'s Department of Labor Law provides advice in the areas of collective labor law and to individuals, and provides guidance to clients in the field of labor relations and employment law. The staff in the department are lawyers with extensive experience and leaders in their fields in Israel, who are able to complete a legal comprehensive response, in accordance with the current and immediate needs of the customer, giving the depth and unique knowledge acquired, accompanied by dozens of companies, and countless hours working with their representatives.

The department acts on the belief that workers and labor relations are a key resource in any business and economic activities, with the focus of attention of the decision makers. Thus, the goal is to assist customers in arranging legal aspects of the most important resource, and its people are striving to create optimal arrangements being productive, productive and quality.

The department is headed by Attorney Hanan Doron who holds a LLB from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem (1987), and a Master's in Computer Science BSC Hebrew University (1986). Advocate Doron is a lieutenant colonel in the reserves and partner at Balter, Guth, Aloni & Co.. He has extensive experience years with consulting and representation in court in labor law, insurance law and torts.

Areas of activity

Over the years, the department has assisted dozens of multinational companies and Israelis, who needed counseling in the areas of workers' rights in the event of mergers, acquisitions and liquidations, limiting freedom of occupation and preservation of trade secrets, as well as labor contracts. In addition, staff lawyers provide ongoing advice and comprehensive labor law, and handle litigation in this area:

  • Collective labor relations - representing employers, groups and employee committees, including the negotiation and drafting of agreements, ongoing counseling and therapy litigation. For example, the department handled the preparation of a special collective agreement and complex multinational company which operated in Israel.
  • Individual labor relations - over the years the department has represented employers and employees in the violation of trade secrets, as well as claims under the terms of a non-competition and confidentiality agreements work.
  • Labor Relations kibbutzim - the department has special expertise in labor law issues relating to kibbutzim and their members.