Department of Real Estate, Planning and Zoning

The Department of Real Estate, Planning and Zoning our firm was set up some two decades ago, and operates under two of the firm's partners with many years of experience under their belt. PA Department is unique and has comprehensive expertise in planning and building laws and expropriations, given the large number of clients which include major companies, including in the infrastructure sectors and the private sector. Also, over the years we have represented various local councils and accompanied variety of clients and private projects.

Our firm has handled dozens of programs at all levels of the planning and with planning authorities, accompanied regulatory proceedings in the area, handled hundreds of proceedings before courts and tribunals in judicial and other matters of expropriation compensation, impairment and betterment fees, and given hundreds of opinions on various issues related to the planning and construction and expropriation.

Our customers benefit from a comprehensive, personalized service precisely tailored to their needs, with the leading lawyers in their field in Israel.

The department's position on all major office services enables focusing in depth each and every file, and integration as needed with various ministry departments, such as environmental protection, and other commercial department.

The Department's management department

The Managing partner, Tali Inbar Golan, LBB LLM from Bar Ilan University, has an extensive range and many years in all areas of real estate, planning and construction. In 1999, Advocate Inbar-Golan firm represented Israel Railways, including during its inception as a company, planning, expropriations, impairment and asset agreement with the Government. She also represents the Israel National Roads Company for transportation infrastructure, Ltd. since its inception, including routes shared with Israel Railways. Over the years, accompanied by a large part of legislative process material in the field, the firm has represented Israel Railways and routes in Israel as part of the reform of the Planning and Building Land Ordinance, Clean Air Act, the Clean Air Regulations, regulations substantial deviation, through structural regulations, new licensing regulations, and regulations for environmental impact assessments.

In addition, Advocate Inbar-Golan has handled hundreds of claims for impairment in the value of hundreds of millions of shekels, hundreds of administrative appeals, petitions to the High Court, expropriation compensation claims, objections in accordance with the Lands Ordinance (expropriation for public purposes) in 1943, and eviction proceedings and claims showdown. She previously served as legal counsel of the Ramat Hovav local committees and Elad, and now as a consultant to the local council expects. Armed with a wealth of experience with other infrastructure such as representation of INGL, PEI and the Ariel Sharon Park areas of activity.

The department has in-depth expertise and rich experience in planning and building laws and expropriations, which was acquired in light of handling a large number of public and private clients in various projects.

  • We have special expertise regarding infrastructure nationwide, we represent many years of infrastructure significant government like Israel Railways (since 1997), Lines Israel (since 2006), member of the Israel Natural Gas Lines (2013), member of the Urban Transportation builds the railway relief in Tel Aviv and the Dan metropolitan area.
  • Representation of specific projects files and other government companies engaged in infrastructure, such as an oil infrastructure, the Jerusalem Light Rail, Marine and education company Haifa port.
  • Our firm has vast experience in the petitions and demands of any kind and any type in the infrastructure sector, both in the High Court of Justice, Court of Appeals, the Administrative Court, District Court, various appeals committees and magistrates.
  • Our services are also provided to religious orders that have many land throughout Israel, based on close cooperation with the department of religious orders in the office.

Major projects

  • The firm handles every year major projects, which have a decisive influence on all construction and development done in the region, including Highway 1, Highway 531, Highway 16, Highway 65-85, the track at Ben Gurion Airport, electrification of the route of the national railways, fourth track Ayalon and many other projects.
  • The firm advises and writes numerously regarding the amount of the transport infrastructure in the field of fundamental legislation. For example, the Land Ordinance (Acquisition for Public Purposes) in 1943, as part of the reform of the Planning and Construction Law (Amendment 101) and the Planning and Building Regulations. In addition, the legislation relating to environmental protection - Law and Regulations clean air regulations will be examined environmental impact, accessibility for disabled and regulations.
  • Our firm foundation escorted hundreds of programs at the national level, such as the NIP 16, NIP 2, NIP 30, a railroad Ashdod, Ashkelon, railway valley, Acco Carmiel railway, Netanya Railway, Lod railroad Naan and Beer Sheva. Also , accompanied many national master plans, such as Amendment 9 NMP 23, NMP 16/23 NOP 42, through programs such as Public Programs 2001, CS / 113 CS / 120 CS / 140 CS / 142, CS / 135 CS / 148, RB 842, as well as programs at the local level.