Department of Torts, Insurance and Professional Malpractice

For over 35 years our firm has represented Plaintiffs, Defendants and insurance companies in torts, insurance and medical malpractice insurance. Attorneys in the Department hold an extensive experience and their unique and comprehensive activities includes court appearances every day in various instances throughout the country. In fact, the office has groundbreaking and set precedents for the most important issues when representing both plaintiffs and defendants. It is certain to say that precedents from our office have shaped the insurance industry as it is today.

The Department Managers

The torts, insurance and professional malpractice department management, lawyers are Advocates Ehud Guth, together with Advocate Hanan Doron,  Advocate  Wasim Abu Hatum and Advocate Shlomo Steiner. Advocate Guth is also a co-founder of the firm Balter, Guth, Aloni & Co., carrying with him extensive experience gained over more than 40 years of practice. Areas of expertise include insurance law, torts, administrative law, class actions and the agricultural sector, and with it a long list of successes and performances representing clients in court.  In addition, he served as a Judge in the National Disciplinary Court of the Bar Association, chairman of the Pension Fund of the Israel Bar Association, and Chairman of the Board of the Interdisciplinary Arena. As mentioned, alongside Advocate Guth, in managing the department  are Advocate Shlomo Steiner, with a LLB degree from the Hebrew University (1999), a major in the reserves, specializing in insurance and tort law for 16 years, Advocate  Wasim Abu Hatum, with a LLB degree from the Hebrew University (1995), specializing in insurance and tort law for 22 years and Advocate Hanan Doron with a LLB degree from the Hebrew University (1987), a Lieutenant Colonel in the reserves, specializing in insurance and tort law for 30 years.


This firm's clients include insurance companies, commercial enterprises and large real estate companies in Israel, as well as local authorities, medical institutions and pharma companies, lawyers, engineers, doctors, architects and professionals further. Amongst other things, our office serves as a representative of the leading insurance companies in matters of principle such as compensation during the "lost years", the NSC's subrogation claims, subrogation claims of employers, and claims for accidents according Palestinian Road Accident Law. The department represents insurance companies in vast damage cases (fire damage and flooding) and represents pharma companies in product liability claims. In fact, we represent all insurance companies in Israel with the exception of Eliahu, Migdal and Direct insurance companies, which are not represented on a regular basis. However, even these companies are represented by us in cases of principle requiring expertise in specific areas.  In addition to various insurance companies which the department represents, we also handle cases for Avner dealing with lawsuits and large claims, especially under the Compensation to Victims of Road Accidents Law.

Main areas of activity

The department deals with all areas of property damage, personal injury, professional liability and insurance, and provides its services to both plaintiffs and defendants. Among our main activities are personal injury claims and property, professional malpractice, workplace accidents, responsibility of local authorities and councils,  major traffic accidents, accidents in sports, National Insurance Institute claims, product liability, employers' liability, third party insurance, directors and officers insurance, libel laws and planning and construction committees. It is noteworthy that in their activities the lawyers in the Department acquired unique expertise which confers substantial benefits to our clients.

The department's activities are based on a thorough examination of each and every case, from basic facts, through the judge's identity to knowledge of the parties to the proceedings. In light of thorough preparation and our familiarity with the various instances, the proceedings and the parties involved, the strategy is built in order to lead to optimal results for the client, whether through litigating the case or reaching a compromise. It is important to emphasize that we insist on maintaining constant contact with our clients and representatives of insurance companies with whom we work, listen attentively to their wishes and adjust the work methods to the desired goals. All this, along with ensuring a fruitful dialogue within the department itself, and mutual study between lawyers due to the variety of cases and issues we are dealing with.