Intellectual Property Department

The Intellectual Property Department of Balter, Guth, Aloni & Co. offers its clients a wealth of experience and more than 25 years of activity in all areas of intellectual property. The department team combines vast experience and level of professionalism uncommon in the area, and the young and energetic spirit expressed in response to flexible, fast and effective tailored to customer needs. Over the years, the department has won an excellent reputation and appreciation by the experts, which is dealing successfully with the transactions and complex litigation, complex and challenging technological and legal.


The department's clients include officials from all sectors, and receive intensive treatment entailing a wide range of significant advantages:

  • Ability to handle complex litigation of all sizes, including large and complex cases including technological and legal aspects.
  • proven track record and a very high percentage of successes in law relating to intellectual property law.
  • important relationships in the private sector, public service and academia, as well as with officials of other countries and international organizations.
  • The impact on developments in the field of property law in Israel, in light of the legislation and activities involved in the patent office.
  • long working relationships and good contacts with experts and complementary service providers such as patent attorneys, academic experts and judges and productive working relationships with colleagues abroad.
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  • flexibility depending on current needs and changing customer and building an optimal solution tailored precisely destinations.
  • Excellent service from the energetic lawyers who hold professional experience and proven track record and familiarity with the sector on all aspects.