Litigation Department

Balter, Guth, Aloni & Co.'s Litigation Department represents clients in courts in all areas of civil law, including financial claims, corporate law, banking law, securities, managers of construction contract law and real estate. The department has the most experienced lawyers and is renowned, due to many successes and significant large-scale claims and hearings.

We have in-depth knowledge and unique in all areas of litigation, including representation of clients in complex cases and hearings relating to conflicts of hundreds of millions of shekels. The firm represents corporations and large companies in the Israeli market and has undertaken a number of class action suits, armed with extraordinary expertise in the local landscape in terms of commercial litigation.

Management and staff of the department

The Litigation Department lawyers are involved in some of the biggest trials in Israel, and represent clients on a daily basis in various courts in the country. Heading the department is Advocates Moshe Balter and Eyal Bar-Eliezer.

Moshe Balter is a senior partner at Balter, Guth, Aloni & Co., and serves as a partner of the main branch in Tel Aviv. He acts as the coordinator of the litigation department at all branches of the firm. For more than 40 years he has represented clients in a variety of areas, including Contract Law Commercial, Insurance Law, Banking, Investments, Companies, Religious Orders. Advocate Balter appeared in many cases in all courts, representing one of the largest entities in the economy, and serves as an advisor to Israeli corporations and international corporations.

The head of the litigation department in Tel Aviv is Advocate Eyal Bar-Eliezer, who holds an LLB and MBA specializing in Finance and Information Systems from the Hebrew University. With 15 years of experience in litigation in many cases, he has appeared before all courts and has represented some of the largest economic entities including Tnuva, Johnson & Johnson, Ampa Group, Arkia, Alden, Omrix, Colbert, Carmel systems, Harel, Clal, and Phoenix Insurance Company Limited.

We believe in professionalism and deep commitment to each of our clients. This commitment includes a high level of service from a comprehensive understanding of customer needs, comprehensive and up to date knowledge in various fields of creativity, flexibility and maximum availability service and personal attention to each client. Pursuit of excellence is a way of life of the, any subject matter, and it is reflected in an unwavering professionalism, creativity and service at the highest level.

Customer Department

The firm's litigation department represents the most prominent corporate clients in the country, in some cases the largest and most complex in Israel. Legal proceedings are conducted on conflicts of hundreds of millions of shekels, as well as matters that are discussed fundamental questions. Meanwhile, the firm holds a unique expertise in commercial litigation, court and represents large corporations in a variety of areas:

  • The firm handles claims on behalf of Ampa group in a complex litigation which includes a claim to cancel the deal of selling real estate of Ampa group. In addition, the firm handles a lawsuit filed against Amcor Ampa Group in the amount of 75 million NIS on the value of the complex parking building Electra Tel Aviv. This lawsuit was discussed in arbitration before the arbitrator Boaz Okon.
  • In 2010, our firm was hired to represent Omrix in a vast lawsuit, which the State submitted for a total of 500 million NIS. As part of the case questions of principle were discussed and precedent-setting in the field of intellectual property law, contracts and torts, and law of unjust enrichment.
  • The department handles both large claims recently filed a result of acquisitions of Israeli pharmaceutical companies by the global corporation Johnson & Johnson.
  • We handle the biggest lawsuit filed by the Airports Authority against Arkia usage fees of 52 million NIS at Dov Hoz Airport.
  • In a number of claims the firm has represented dozens of kibbutzim and water companies against the State, a compromise was reached in 2010 an order of magnitude over half a billion NIS, because of the size approved by the Knesset Finance Committee.
  • The firm filed a class action lawsuit related to forced purchase of the shares which was approved in part by the Jerusalem District Court, where the value of one billion NIS was'approved.
  • The Department represents a claim in the total of 100 million NIS on behalf of Custody di Terra Santa in respect of the estate for the construction of 300 housing units in Jerusalem.