The Department of Cooperative Societies

Balter, Guth, Aloni & Co.'s  Department of Cooperative Societies is one of the largest, leading and experienced in Israel. Over the years, the department has represented dozens of cooperatives in all aspects of their operations, including kibbutzim, moshavim, major associations, various agricultural associations and societies engaged in producing water.


Main Areas of Activity

Clients receive a comprehensive response tailored precisely to their needs, from lawyers who belong to the first line in Israel, including representation in courts due to business disputes. At the same time, the Department has spearheaded reforms in regard to kibbutzim privatization, property allocation, capital allocation and pension arrangements.

  • Consulting regularly to cooperatives - Department provides inside guidance of the work of the Association and its agencies; ongoing advice to managers of the Association and its officers, support processes and decisions of the Association, including advice regarding the attribution of assets and allocation of capital, considering guaranteeing the rights of members of the Association, handling the relations between the Association with its members and legal services to the secretaries of the kibbutzim and moshavim, a regulation of the cooperative society - local council, preparing appropriate policies and associations, advising on tax issues and tax planning specific for cooperative societies.
  • Changes in the structure and organization of the kibbutzim - The Department assists with the utilization and development of concealed assets and capital growth; matters pertaining to life insurance and pension or benefit members of kibbutzim, tax issues and tax planning kibbutzim, due to changes in lifestyle, supporting the processes of restructuring and organizational - separating activities sector and community accompaniment, introducing various models (network security, combined), the establishment of co-operative societies and other corporations, as well as building regulations, tax planning, systems and contractual dealings with governmental authorities.
  • Structural changes and allocation of capital societies exchanges, and representation and consultations to central - counseling and representation in carrying out structural changes in the Central Cooperative, including measures of allocation of capital to members of the Association, representing various transactions between cooperatives, including capital raising mergers and acquisitions, guidance and establishment of partnerships and corporations, agricultural the kibbutzim (dairy farms, field crops), making commercial transactions of kibbutzim and cooperatives, and recovery arrangements and the restructuring of regional corporations, moshavim and kibbutzim.
  • Treatment of agricultural operations and business of cooperatives - including matters relating to agriculture, and pro forma Committee, Ministry of Health and Ministry of Environment. The department deals with all aspects of the business activities of cooperatives, including the establishment of projects in renewable energy, agriculture, industry, tourism, neighborhood community and absorption of the residents in the kibbutz synagogue, activities of partners Association including the entry of investors to enterprises, establishment of partnerships, agricultural and others, as well as support of cooperatives, and other major structural change and the process of capital allocation, allocating apartments to friends and others. In addition, the department of planning procedures followed by associations and contacts with committees of planning and construction, as well as the Israel Lands Administration in various areas of the associations transactions.
  • Ongoing advice and representation, productive societies - including work-related, taxation, representation in various transactions, assistance in collection, treatment, etc. and structural changes.

Agriculture, Water and Environment

  • Representing water consumers – the Department represents dozens of local authorities regarding the aspects involved in the tax on water, as well as claims handling refund of amounts overpaid for levies on water and payments to Mekorot. In addition, consumers can be represented sources that hold shares in the company, demanding that the state offer a tender offer to the shareholders and approved as a class action. It also provided representation to different consumers were charged levies and/or fines for use of water. Another firm advises and represents consumers in matters relating to the determination of their water allotments in front of the Water Commission and the Ministry of Agriculture, as well as matters arising from the quotas among members of cooperative societies, especially among the members of the seats.

Representation of producers and suppliers of water - the department represents a number of producers and water suppliers involved in establishing new water projects, among other things, the establishment of brackish water desalination plant, construction of sewage treatment plants, construction of waste water reclamation plants and purified for use in agriculture and industry.  In addition the firm represents various elements within the framework of the establishment of joint ventures for projects in the water sector, cooperation agreements between investors, providing assistance with the various authorities and treatment planning aspects and registrations of water projects, making commitments facing water consumers, planners and the like. The department team represents several producers and private water suppliers with claims for settling of accounts with the state, and with the various authorities in various water-related matters, claims for grants, receiving treatment permits for water projects, ongoing consultation producers and suppliers of water and the like.

  • Sewage Treatment Consultation - representation and consulting to various industrial entities required to meet the new standards regarding the discharge of sewage and effluents, the quality of treated wastewater and requirements for better quality of effluents discharged, and to find solutions for controlled use of water and use of recycled water. The firm arranges solutions for use in water and wastewater treatment to new industrial plants, by framing with the various authorities, contracting with suppliers representing water consumers in effluents and the like.

Representation factors in energy - department officials representing farmers working in cooperation with the Israel Electric Company to build wind farms for the production of "green" energy, the number of places in the country.

Other activities of the Department

In addition to the above, the department represents various agricultural entities in terms of managing their business, contracts, joint ventures treatment, representation before various authorities and aid organizations and treatment changes in agricultural corporations. The firm also advises various local authorities in matters of garbage landfills, sewage treatment and water management, and advises cooperatives transportation (trucks).