Noked Orit


Adv. Orit Noked is a member of the Israeli Bar Association and a member of the Board of the Jewish Agency.

Adv. Noked is the Chairman of the Central Hamashbir – Supply Cooperative Society Ltd. and Hamashbir Investment Limited.

Adv. Noked was the Israeli Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development (2011-2013) and Deputy Minister of Industry, Trade and Labor (2009-2011).  She was also Deputy Minister of Development of the Negev and Galilee.

Adv. Orit Noked was a Member of the Knesset in 2002-2013 and was a Member of the Finance Committee; Member in the Committee for the Appointment of Judges and other Committees.

Adv. Noked was the legal adviser of the Kibbutz Movement and managing its legal department.

Adv. Noked has an Academic degree – LL.B (Law) from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.


  • Corporate law
  • agricultural law

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